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Re: emacs 23 cocoa (OS X)

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacs 23 cocoa (OS X)
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 20:57:49 +0200

Am 13.07.2008 um 19:50 schrieb Cezar Halmagean:

Well, if cocoa version is not ready/downloadable how about xft
(antialias) fonts in osx using x11. Especially he Moncao font which I
love from OSX. How can It be done ?

X resources:

        Emacs.FontBackend:             xft
        !Emacs.FontBackend:             x,xft

Emacs*font or Emacs*fontSet can also contain the xft string when using fontinfo font names. I do not have much more details.

To use Monaco in X11 you'd need to tell fontinfo where to find the font. And the font needs to be in a format that X11 understands. OpenOffice uses fondu to convert the format. There is also a Fink package, applesystemfonts (?), that integrates the Mac OS X fonts into X11. Maybe X11 in Leopard prepares this, too. Fc-list should list it then.



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