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Re: possible to exchange server and client?

From: anhnmncb
Subject: Re: possible to exchange server and client?
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:40:45 +0800
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Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> writes:

> Am 14.07.2008 um 02:20 schrieb anhnmncb:
>> So I want to know, in this condition, if I can start an emacsclient
>> in console, then let it become server(old emacs server on Xorg
>> becomes client now), then close the emacs(old server) on Xorg,
>> restart Xorg, run emacsclient, let it become server again?
> With an un-patched GNU Emacs you can't start GNU Emacs via
> emacsclient. When emacsclient can't contact a running server, it will
> tell you this and quit. So you need to launch GNU Emacs.

I didn't mean start emacs via emacsclient, I meant *in this
condition* which emacs server has started in Xorg.

> There can't be a difference between a server started from GNU Emacs
> running in some terminal emulation or being the client of some window
> system just as a spoon is a spoon, no matter whether it's in your
> mouth, in a drawer, in a dish-washer, or in a shop.

But there has been. See two screenshots, first is org-mode in emacs
server, which is running in the dtach sesstion on urxvt; second is
org-mode in emacsclient which is with the same emacs server:
You can see, in emacsclient, the column view can't display properly,
it's not relative to the color-theme. Emacs server works well.

>> If can, I can restart Xorg without quitting emacs.
> As long as GNU Emacs keeps running in some terminal emulation that
> survives stopping of the X server and that is (again) authorised to
> contact the new X server and open clients on this display, it should
> work.
> Me, I can't see how the terminal emulation can survive X server's end.
> You're logging in without window system and you're starting it  by
> hand?
> Another option is to use session and desktop. These can re-establish
> GNU Emacs's state before it was quit. The only problem is that you
> have to quit GNU Emacs by hand. If it receives a signal from the
> crashing or quitting X server, it does not save the recent state. At
> least I have not found a way to achieve this ...

I think my words have misled you, sorry.

I start emacs server in console(differ it with x terminal), and use
emacsclient on xorg. But you see, emacsclient has something wrong with
org-mode's column view. So I want to use emacs server instead of

(hmm, maybe I got why you can't understand me, what I mean emacs server,
is that the server frame, emacsclient is the client frame.)

Now what I want is: Start emacs server on xorg, then run an emacsclient
in console and make it to be a server, so the old client becomes new
server and the old server becomes client?


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