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RE: Is there any elisp functions to tell whether the cursor is in a comm

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Is there any elisp functions to tell whether the cursor is in a comment block?
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 23:02:22 -0700

> >> Emacs 23 is not too far from a release and in most respect stable.
> > 
> > Sorry, but I, for one, cannot agree with that part.
> > Emacs 22 is stable; Emacs 23 is not at all, AFAICT.
> I guess you might be right, Drew, you use Emacs in a 
> different way than I do, but which parts do users who
> want to try CVS Emacs 23 now have to worry about?

I didn't mean to start a discussion about this. I meant only to dampen some
expectations you might have set - I don't think of Emacs 23 as close to release
or particularly stable.

I don't know all the areas where there might be problems or instability. Reading
emacs-devel or looking at the pretest bug list would give a better idea of the
status than I could give.

When I try to use Emacs 23 (on Windows), frame parameters are still completely
messed up (gratuitous and multiple incorrect parameter values added somehow etc.
- bug #117).

The completion code (minibuffer.el) has been changing and is apparently still
changing. I've had to adjust the Icicles code several times for that. Stefan was
supposedly going to add the general `completion-read-function' variable we asked
for months ago, as soon as he finished moving `completing-read' to minibuffer.el
(emacs-devel thread "completing-read-function variable for completing-read").
That variable is still not added, so I guess that evolution/migration is not

The font stuff has been volatile for some time now, judging from the traffic on
emacs-devel. I have no direct experience with that, personally. Maybe that's all
over now - dunno. However, I see some problems now in the treatment of certain
characters/keys (e.g. 67108911, 67108923) during Icicles key completion.

I haven't followed it, but there is also apparently a change afoot now to
eliminate frame parameters that are also attributes of face `default' (?). It's
not clear to me just what that change might entail; I'm not sure it's been

Emacs 23 is quite slow, on Windows at least. I imagine that there will be a
period of optimization before Emacs 23 is near releasable.

Don't get me wrong: I wouldn't discourage anyone from _trying_ Emacs 23. But I
also wouldn't say it's "not too far from a release and in most respect stable".
Maybe it's a question of seeing the glass half full or half empty.

I would recommend Emacs 22.

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