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RE: Is there any elisp functions to tell whether the cursor is in a comm

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Is there any elisp functions to tell whether the cursor is in a comment block?
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:32:58 -0700

> >> I would also suggest adding this information to all elisp files on 
> >> EmacsWiki. Perhaps this can be done automatically
> >
> > I would advise against trying to guess compatibility like 
> > that. Let library authors determine and specify the compatibilities 
> > explicitly. Else assume nothing.
> I have asked for that before, but nothing happened. That 
> means that the burden is now on the users.
> Maybe something like this can be used then:
> 1) Announce that an automatic change as above will be made unless 
>    package authors (or someone else) adds the Compatible label.
> 2) Do the automatic change after some weeks.

This is a discussion for Emacs Wiki, not here.

Personally, I disagree with any automatic messing with source code contributed
to the wiki. Please leave the source code as its contributors wrote it.

Anyway, if a tool can automatically massage source code to produce input for
another tool, then the second tool can do its own automatic massaging. IOW, do
this on the fly, if you must do it, but leave the contributed source code alone.

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