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Re: cursor/tab/highlighting problems in gnome-terminal

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: cursor/tab/highlighting problems in gnome-terminal
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 13:31:28 +0900

Dan Davison <address@hidden> writes:
> '(defun'
> fine. Now I try to add a space after the n. In stead of the (yellow)
> cursor moving on and shopwing space between iteself and the 'n', I get
> a yellow block two characters wide.

Interesting, that happens for me too, it does really seem to be a bug in
gnome-terminal.  It doesn't seem to happen if font-locking is turned

> Now I examine exactly what sort of
> characters are present, by selecting the text and submitting it on
> standard input to cat -A in a bash shell. The answer is
> (defun^I$
> So it put in a tab instead of a space after 'defun'. Why?

Note that what emacs sends to the terminal is _not_ the same as what's
in the buffer, it's a sequence of characters which should make the
terminal render the display Emacs wants to present.

In particular, the terminal redisplay engine can send a TAB character to
move the cursor when it thinks that will be more efficient (in other
circumstances, it might send a sequence of spaces or a cursor-addressing
escape sequence).


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