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Re: How can I make my caps lock key act like a control key?

From: emacs615
Subject: Re: How can I make my caps lock key act like a control key?
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 07:27:50 -0700 (PDT)

emacs615 <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I am having trouble mapping my caps lock key to control key in my linux
> shell(NOT X). I want both the control and caps lock keys to act like
> control
> keys.  I've tried using loadkeys and I'm not getting errors, but I can't
> get
> it to work.  I've used dumpkeys to get a keymap, edited the map to where
> both the caps lock and control keys have the same key code (58 i think). 
> I
> then load this map with loadkeys and there are no errors but nothing
> happens.  I tried opening a new shell just in case and still no changes
> have
> occurred.
> Help on this issue would be appreciated.

>>Make a copy of your prefered map (dumpkeys is ok), and edit it.  My
>>capslock was near the 'a' key, so I replaced it with Control (keycode
>>keycode  29 = Control
>>This maps the keys of the keyboard, each having a unique keycode,  on
>>the left, to the meaning of the key, on the right.

I followed your advice and I made a copy of the current keymap for editing
with this command:
`dumpkeys > trialmap`
`emacs trialmap`
   in emacs:   `keycode 29 = Control`       //This WAS originally Caps_Lock
                   `keycode 58 = Control`
`loadkeys trialmap`  //outputs "loading keys" -- then finished w/ no errors
BUT still no effect, so I tried for good measure:
`gzip trialmap`
`loadkeys trialmap.gz`  //no effect either I can see the changes in the file
are correct and get no errors but no changes take effect.

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