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apple-command as META-key in the terminal-emac in MacOS X (finally!)

From: Jaeyoun Chung
Subject: apple-command as META-key in the terminal-emac in MacOS X (finally!)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 10:01:37 -0700 (PDT)
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[my apology: I tried to reply to [apple-command as META-key in the
terminal-emac] (
browse_thread/thread/32073944ad9d30ec), but I can't in google groups

Hello folks,

After long frustration emacs in terminal in MacOS X, I finally figured
it out. The solution is turn on "Use option as meta key" in preference
panel. This is trivial and the tricky part is this: swap command and
option key in only in terminal. I wrote a small SIMBL bundle to
fulfill this swap trick. Here's the simple procedure.

1. google InputManger, SIMBL and install them.
2. fetch
3. decompress the zip and install the bundle into ~/Library/
Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/ directory (create one if it doesn't
4. restart your terminal.

And the source code is also available at
Good luck!

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