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Emacs/psgml/xxml crawling

From: Peter Flynn
Subject: Emacs/psgml/xxml crawling
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 23:32:16 +0100
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I've been using Emacs to edit SGML and XML since Len wrote psgml. For the last decade (almost) I've been using xxml-mode as well for the nice indenting and colorization. It's been absolutely fine, on half a dozen flavors of Un*x, Widnows, and MAC OSs.

I installed my standard .emacs and assorted .els on a new laptop with a fresh install of Ubuntu Gutsy a few months ago, all fine. I just installed the identical OS from the same CD on a DELL Dimension 4550 desktop, updated from the same repos, and added the identical .emacs and .els.

When I opened an XML document it started to parse the DTD, element 1 (long pause) element 6 (longer pause) element 10 (etc). it took 15 min to parse the standard DocBook 4.4, which the laptop (and every other machine I use, about a dozen, assorted) whizzes through in 1-2 secs.

Obviously there's something different, but it's not the .emacs or the .els, which I copied from my own archive; and it wasn't the CD, which was the same one. I've check file sizes and there are no differences which might have indicated corruption.

It could have been whatever packages got updated when the OS install completed, but they'd have been fractionally different anyway because of the different platform. I'm slightly unwilling to believe that this is down at the OS level given that the 4550 is behaving normally for all other apps -- only Emacs parsing a DTD is running at 1/100 normal speed, everything else, including the rest of Emacs, and (apparently) the rest of psgml, runs normally.

Has anyone ever encountered this before, or got suggestions as to where to start looking?


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