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Re: find-file completion tweak

From: Bernardo Bacic
Subject: Re: find-file completion tweak
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 16:48:08 +1000
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(file-name-shadow-mode 1) does something similar

it was a dark and stormy night when Eric Roode said,
Once upon a time, I could have sworn that find-file completion had a feature whereby if the first character you typed was a / or a ~, the entire default directory was erased and replaced with the / or ~. This was terribly convenient.

Right now, if you want to open an absolute file name (or one relative to your home directory), you have to hit C-a C-k after you type C-x C-f and before you type / or ~. Annoying.

Did I dream this feature? Did it go away? How can I make find-file behave this way again?


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