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Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?

From: Nikolaj Schumacher
Subject: Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 18:13:50 +0200
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Cor Gest <address@hidden> wrote:

> Emacs _never_ 'opens' files, it merely visits them and copies its
> content into a (named)-buffer.

"Visit" is really just another metaphor for "open".  Of course,
technically, open implies "keep open till closed", and I think that's
why "visit" was invented.  But the term "open" has evolved.  For
example, you "open" a website in your browser, and are in fact
"visiting" it.  There's really little merit in distinguishing between
those two names.

> Oh, BTW emacs really is ment for people who know what they want to do
> and those people do not create untitled files

Yes, we do.  We just call them (scratch) buffers.  They provide all the
same features Xah's "untitled files" do.  Really, the only differences are
nomenclature, the way of creating them and the fact that one exists by

Nikolaj Schumacher

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