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Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?

From: Xah
Subject: Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 07:17:49 -0700 (PDT)
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Andreas Politz wrote:
> > Personally, I am used to the way emacs works. The great thing about
> > emacs is that anyone can customize the keyboard (and almost everything
> > else) to be the way I like. After years of use, it is unlikely that my
> > own key assignments will change.
> That's a nice freudian slip and summarization.

Yeah. Many emacsers like to say how they like the way emacs is, yet
they have a lot customization that changes emacs default ways.

All the resistance about the *scratch* we see here, is not really
about some technical issue or UI rational, it's more about a
psychological identity of emacs. “*scratch*” is one of the outstanding
idiosyncracy of emacs. Saying to get rid of it is like admitting a

Similar things happens with Mac's one-button mouse. For like over a
decade, mac fanatics defend how one button is superior. In the early
1990s when computer are not that popular, one button mouse with its
associated UI does have a ease of use over 2 buttons. But beginning
about late 1990s, it clearly inferior than 2 buttons as home computers
becomes household item and Windows has been accustomized users for a
number of years. During these time, you still see how Apple fanatics
drivel and insist the 1-button is absolutely superior. Since about
maybe 2002, even Apple itself ditched single button mouse, with some
psychological twist the 2-button mouse they produced appear as one
button mouse, and the new design is beautiful, but ergonomically the
most painful and unusable. Lol.


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