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Re: What completion mechanisms are you using?

From: Christian Engels
Subject: Re: What completion mechanisms are you using?
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 11:06:16 +0100
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At Sat, 31 Jan 2009 03:42:17 -0800,
Les Harris wrote:
> senny <address@hidden> writes:
> > Because I have no clue where to start searching for the ones I like, i
> > wanted to ask you what extensions you are using and how they help you
> > to optimize your day to day work.
> I'm a big fan icicles. It adds completion for pretty much any minibuffer
> related activity you can think of (and then some).  I still haven't come
> close to really utilizing it to it's full potential (but then, with
> emacs in general that is a rather normal state of affairs for me!)
> Features that I use often would include:
>  * Regex and Fuzzy matching.  These are great when I have a general idea
>  what something I'm looking for is named but not exactly.  Also good for
>  exploring possibilities within a subset of functionality.
>  * Saving completion lists to act as de facto file listings for
>    projects.
>  * Using it's completion to enhance the discoverability of emacs
>    commands for myself.
> Icicles if sort of a kitchen sink solution but a high quality one.  If
> you would like something a bit more focused perhaps look into ido-mode?
> My two cents at any rate.
> -- 
> Do they only stand
> By ignorance, is that their happy state,
> The proof of their obedience and their faith?

At the moment i use ido and icomplete. But icicles seems really nice for 
completion. The only problem i have is, that it doesn't work well with ido.
Why i want this weird setup is easy. I think ido is perfect for files with the 
way it shows them to me on selecting and the way you can browse through 
directories. For example with ido you just have to hit Backspace to go one 
directory up.
So has somebody a clue how i can setup icicles that it gets used for everything 
except the things ido uses?

Christian Engels

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