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Re: how to remove a menu item?

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: how to remove a menu item?
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 10:32:09 -0600
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Xah Lee wrote:
On Feb 1, 10:38 pm, "Drew Adams" <> wrote:
if i want to remove the menu under Help ? Emacs Psychotherapist, how
do i do it?

Either of these will get rid of this binding:

(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-psychotherapist] nil)

(define-key menu-bar-help-menu [emacs-psychotherapist] nil)

Thanks Drew.

Following is a removal of a bunch for those interested.

;; 2009-02-02

(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search search-forward] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search search-backward] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search re-search-forward] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search re-search-backward] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search repeat-search-fwd] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit search repeat-search-back] nil)

(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit goto go-to-pos] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit goto beg-of-buf] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar edit goto end-of-buf] nil)

(define-key global-map [menu-bar options blink-cursor-mode] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options debug-on-error] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options debug-on-quit] nil)

(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide showhide-tool-bar]
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide showhide-scroll-bar]
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide showhide-fringe]

(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide mac-font-panel-mode]
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide showhide-battery]
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide showhide-date-time]
(define-key global-map [menu-bar options showhide size-indication-
mode] nil)

(define-key global-map (kbd "<S-down-mouse-1>") nil)

;; tools menu
(define-key global-map [menu-bar tools gnus] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar tools rmail] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar tools compose-mail] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar tools games] nil)

;; to do:
;; • move incremental search menus one level up.

(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-psychotherapist] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-known-problems] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-tutorial] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-tutorial-language-
specific] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu emacs-faq] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu search-documentation emacs-
terminology] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu external-packages] nil)
(define-key global-map [menu-bar help-menu more-manuals order-emacs-
manuals] nil)

;; to do: remove dividers


i started a emacs2010 project on google code.

only started this week. Much are still in flux. I wished to have a
emacs much like AquaMacs but for Window, Mac, Linux, not just for Mac
OS X. The modernization would be focused on emacs, as opposed to Apple
UI guidline (such as launching every buffer in a new window or
launching Apple's Help Application when pulling Help menu). The
primarly goal, is that user simply download binary, use it, find it a
joy, out of the box. There will be no cult, philosophy, manuals to
acquaint, geeking culture about ways and methods, etc. There will also
not be any “dumb down” for stupid people.

.... there are much to do, and much of the change detail i have yet to
write up. If i keep at this, hopefully this goal can be achieved this
year. Anyone is very welcome to join. The code will be fully
compatible with GNU emacs, and all in GPL. So, if any FSF developers
find some idea or code interesting, it's right there to pickup.

No guarantee this is some software in coming. Nor is this some grand
announcement. If in this year the project turns out well, then great.
Join in anytime.


It seems like you are gutting so much of the menu that it would be easier to set menu-bar-mode to nil. Except for reassigning modifier keys (with KeyTweak) and putting cursor movement on the c,h,t,n keys (necessary with the Dvorak layout) I have found it prudent to leave most of the rest of RMS's mnemonic bindings alone. What you may end up with after all your work is just a Xah Lee minor mode. Anyway, I do agree that eventually some attention should be given to ergonomic issues but the problems are so vast especially when internationalization is taken into account that the job will have to be given to a committee rather than an individual.


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