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Re: can't get started with emacs

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: can't get started with emacs
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 12:06:23 +0100
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"cycjec"<address@hidden> writes:

>  One one system (NetBSD) Control-H doesn't bring up 
>  the help screen.  The backspace key deleted the
>  next forward character, not the previous one.
>  I can't get the Control-H to work here either.
>  Once I am able to get the Help menus to work
>  and get the key navigation going, I can proceed.
>  Any advice appreciated.

First, it depends on the terminal you use.  But I think if you don't
change your terminal configuration, M-x normal-erase-is-backspace-mode
RET should help.

For example, in xterm you can Control-left-click to get a menu in
which you can change settings such as "Delete is DEL" and "Backarrow
Key (BS/DEL)"  (also important for emacs, "Meta sends Escape" and "Alt
sends Escape").

You will want to select these options such as C-h sends BS and Delete
sends DEL.  If you type in emacs C-q C-h C-q DEL you should see: ^H^?

Then, if you cannot configure correctly these keys, you can in emacs
use the command:
M-x normal-erase-is-backspace-mode RET
to switch between C-h calling up help or deleting.

For the navigation keys and in general function keys, notice that thru
a terminal only ASCII codes can be sent.  So your terminal (or
terminal emulator) must encode these keys as code sequences that have
to be decoded by emacs.    I have in my ~/.emacs these global-set-key
to interpret some of them:

(case window-system
   (.EMACS "Setting terminal keyboard")
   (global-set-key "OF"    (function end-of-buffer))
   (global-set-key "OH"    (function beginning-of-buffer))
   (global-unset-key "[")
   (global-set-key "[15~"  (function set-justification-left)) ; <f5>
   (global-set-key "[17~"  (function set-justification-center)) ; <f6>
   (global-set-key "[18~"  (function set-justification-right)) ; <f7>
   (global-set-key "[19~"  (lambda()(interactive)(beep))) ; <f8>
   (global-set-key "[20~"  (lambda()(interactive)(beep))) ; <f9>
   (global-set-key "[21~"  (lambda()(interactive)(beep))) ; <f10>
   (global-set-key "[23~"  (lambda()(interactive)(beep))) ; <f11>
   (global-set-key "[24~"  (lambda()(interactive)(beep))) ; <f12>
   (set-keyboard-coding-system 'iso-8859-15)
   (normal-erase-is-backspace-mode 0)
   (.EMACS "C-h = %S" (key-binding "\C-h"))
   (.EMACS "DEL = %S" (key-binding "\C-?")))
   (.EMACS "Setting X keyboard")
   (define-key global-map [(delete)]    "\C-d")
   (make-face-bold 'bold-italic))
   (.EMACS "Setting Macintosh keyboard")
   (setq *window-manager-y-offset* (+ 24 24))
   (set-keyboard-coding-system 'mac-roman)
   (setq mac-command-key-is-meta t
         mac-reverse-ctrl-meta   nil)

__Pascal Bourguignon__

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