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Re: check if these is a buffer to a file

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: Re: check if these is a buffer to a file
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 11:50:52 +0800
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Kiwon Um <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello. I'm now writing some lisp codes.
> I want to write some codes that kill a buffer if it is already opened
> (visited).
> Is there any predefined function to check the existence of a buffer?
Try to use function `get-buffer'.
Below is document of function `get-buffer':

| (get-buffer BUFFER-OR-NAME)
| Return the buffer named BUFFER-OR-NAME.
| BUFFER-OR-NAME must be either a string or a buffer.  If BUFFER-OR-NAME
| is a string and there is no buffer with that name, return nil.  If
| BUFFER-OR-NAME is a buffer, return it as given.

  -- Andy

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