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Re: Anything setup

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: Anything setup
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 08:55:39 +0100
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Hi Xavier!

Xavier Maillard <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Thierry,
>    >    Have a look at differents anything-config files you will find on
>    >    emacswiki and set up your own anything-config with these
>    >    files.
>    >
>    > I did but it is really useless and all anything-config files I
>    > read and/or I tried, all failed :/
>    Yes thats normal because there is some "require" of other libraries in
>    these config files.If you have not these lisp files in your load-path,
>    it will fail.However, you can just to comment out the sources unneeded
>    in the Sources section (easy to reach if you use eev-mode ==> M-e from 
> index).
> Wow ! Another eev user ?! :)
Yes i am a fan of eev, if you want to build similar index in your files,
have a look at the eev page on emacswiki, and use the anything source
for eev links.

>    I will add today at the beginning of my config
>    (AnythingConfigThierryVolpiatto.el)
>    all what is needed to make it working. ;)
> Nice. Thank you.
>    At this day with emacs23, all the Sources i wrote in AnythingSources 
>    are working fine.They are both in my config file and AnythingSources but
>    the ones you will find in my config file are more up to date.
>    Rubikitch config is really nice but need a lot of extra dependencies
>    (some time not compatible for us e.g migemo .. etc..)
> Too much dependencies ...
>    > One thing I find hard is to find useful extensions. I mean what
>    > an extension for abbrev support is useful for in anything context
>    > ? 
>    Yes but not only , i launch nearly everything from Anything actually :)
> It would be wonderful if it could do something else. For example,
> for buffers, it could be interesting to have the same features
> offered in C-x b -ie. mark several buffers, kill multiple
> buffers, etc.
(You mean C-x C-b i think) 
If you try my source to manage buffers, i think you will find it useful:

Especially to kill buffer, you can kill without quitting anything, so
it's very fast to kill buffers.(C-u C-z)

If you put your mouse over a buffer entry, the complete path of this
(file) buffer is displayed.

The directories have a different color (see screenshot on

Marking buffer and providing actions on these buffers is not implemented

I think i also modify `anything-type-attributes', verify that before
using my buffer source.

> Still, you did not answer to my question: what are you doing with
> anything and abbrev ? What can it be useful for ?

I use anything-dabbrev-expand.el (need a ruby install on your system)
it is bind to M-/ here.(search in all buffers if it don't find in the
current buffer)

anything-complete.el is also very nice, i use always that for completions.

Also :
for a better experience on anything, think to use
anything-set-source-filter.(you have a section at the end of my file)
That avoid to launch all sources when you search something.
A + Thierry Volpiatto
Location: Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer - France

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