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desktop-files-not-to-save ignored for tramp files

From: Nurullah Akkaya
Subject: desktop-files-not-to-save ignored for tramp files
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:09:46 +0200

I edit various files using tramp, i am on a slow connection thus want to avoid saving remote files while exiting.
the default value for desktop-files-not-to-save is "^/[^/:]*:" when i check the regex using list buffers it does match tramp files
but they are still saved when i exit emacs. is there another way to make desktop-mode skip tramp files?

i have the following in my .emacs for loading desktop.

;;destop mode
(load "desktop")
;; automatically save the desktop on exit.
(setq desktop-enable t)
;;save where we left cursor in file on kill
(require 'saveplace)
(setq-default save-place t)

Nurullah Akkaya

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