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Re: ffap-bindings incompatible with TRAMP?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: ffap-bindings incompatible with TRAMP?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:39:53 +0100
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Bernardo <address@hidden> writes:

> done so, but there are no TRAMP buffers!
> C-x C-b only shows
> .   hosts                    0  Fundamental     /su::/etc/hosts
>     *scratch*                0  Lisp Interaction
>   * *Messages*             733  Fundamental

OK, that's clear now. ffap-bindings changes file-name-handler-alist,
that's why Tramp is not recognized.

I've checked ffap.el in CVS. Version, which comes with Emacs
22.3, does indeed suspicious file-name-handler-alist manipulations.

Version 1.82, bundled with recent Emacs 23.0.90/91, has changed that
code with respect to this problem. There is the following comment:

        ;; Remove the special handler manually.  We used to just let-bind
        ;; file-name-handler-alist to preserve its value, but that caused
        ;; other modifications to be lost (e.g. when Tramp gets loaded
        ;; during the completing-read call).

That's why I couldn't reproduce your problem with Emacs 23.0.90. I
don't believe that there will be an Emacs 22.4, so you must wait for
Emacs 23 (or you participate in the beta test: Emacs 23.0.91 was
announced yesterday).

> regards, Bernardo

Best regards, Michael.

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