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Re: tramp and how to source remote environment

From: ramestica
Subject: Re: tramp and how to source remote environment
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 18:18:02 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 18, 4:30 pm, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote:
> Please check the Tramp manual, (info "(tramp)Remote Programs")

Hi Michael,

reading the manual does not seem to help me. Looking into tramp.el the
problem (my problem) seems to be that tramp does not respect whatever
my PATH is set to during the login process (in my case
within .bash_profile).

Perhaps there is in the lisp code of tramp-get-remote-path (used by
tramp-set-remote-path to actually set the path) something that I'm not
understanding. Too much lisp there for me.

On the other hand, if in tramp-set-remote-path I replace

"PATH=%s; export PATH"


"PATH=${PATH}:%s; export PATH"

then things start to work the way I want it! My PATH (crafted within
my .bash_profile) is now preserved and now I can actually compile.

Is there something I missed about how to configure tramp or does tramp
simply not work the way I want it?


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