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Re: please help me with accents

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: please help me with accents
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 13:32:01 +0100
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gerencia <address@hidden> writes:

> hi list:
> First of all excuse my english, (it's ugly).
> I can't write accents in Emacs, i mean, characters like these: á é í ó ú.
> when i try emacs tell me "<dead-acute> is undefined"
> I already chance some settings related to the language environment and
> input method but it  didn't work.
> Some system aspects:
> Emacs 22
> Ubuntu intrepid
> also y download emacs from ubuntu repositories, then I install auctex
> package.
> I'll appreciate any help you can give to me.

First, you can always type accents in emacs with iso-transl:

(require 'iso-transl)
(define-key iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map "E" [342604]) ; bind €

Then type C-x 8 C-h to see the map
for example:
          C-x 8 ' e -> é
          C-x 8 ` e -> è
          C-x 8 ^ e -> ê
          C-x 8 " e -> ë
          C-x 8 E   -> €

Next, I don't use a keyboard with dead keys, but I'd guess that
processing them depend on the language environment, or perhaps more
precisely on the input method.  Try:

M-x set-language-environment RET TAB
M-x set-input-method RET TAB

__Pascal Bourguignon__

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