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Re: replace placeholders

From: henry atting
Subject: Re: replace placeholders
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 15:06:58 +0100
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On So, Mär 01 2009, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>> From: henry atting <address@hidden>
>> Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 08:18:47 +0100
>> How can I get rid of it? As it is only a substitution `query-replace'
>> does not work.
> How did you try to replace them with `query-replace' (how did you type
> the \226 thing to `query-replace's prompt)?  And what version of Emacs
> is that?

My emacs version is: GNU Emacs
I simply typed \226 to `query-replace's prompt.

Normally I use `recode' for converting files from latin1 to utf-8.
This time I wanted to do it with emacs, my steps were:

  M-x set-buffer-file-coding-system RET undecided-unix


  M-x set-buffer-file-coding-system RET utf-8


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