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From: Leo
Subject: abbrev-expand-functions
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 15:22:46 +0000
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Hi there,

I want to include a function in abbrev-expand-functions that does
post-processing the expansion, however I'd like to avoid inserting the
character that triggers it. For example, if <SPC> triggers an abbrev,
that function will be called to process the expansion but <SPC> should
be not be inserted.

But according to the manual, it seems this is only possible by defining
the abbreviation with a 'no-self-insert hook. This is not an option to
me as I want my function to be general for all abbreviations.

Any idea how to get this done?


I read the source of expand-abbrev to find out how the hook
work. Unfortunately it is written with lables and lexical-let that I yet
to familiarise myself with.

.:  Leo  :.  [ sdl.web AT ]  .: I use Emacs :.

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