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Re: Octave from within Emacs

From: Rupert Swarbrick
Subject: Re: Octave from within Emacs
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 14:55:40 +0000
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CdeB_77 <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi everybody,
> I'm using Emacs 22.3 and Octave 3.03 under Windows Vista, and I want to load
> Octave from within Emacs, but I couldn't do it. I tried some things in the
> .emacs but when in type "M-x run-octave" appears a messange saying
> "Searching for program: no such file or directory, octave". Emacs load the
> octave mode but not the program...
> How can I solve it???
> Best regards

As Kevin Rodgers points out, you should make sure that octave is
installed. Then you need to get emacs to find it.

If you aren't comfortable fiddling around with your path, the other
option is to customize inferior-octave-program (i.e. M-x
customize-variable inferior-octave-program) and change it to point at
the octave.exe that you've installed.

I haven't got a windows system to test this on, but I suspect that this
would work.


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