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Re: emacs 22 rpm's

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: emacs 22 rpm's
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 18:54:21 +1300

 > >  With TRAMP, it is possible to
 > >  debug programs on remote hosts.  You can call `gdb' with a remote file
 > >  name:
 > >
 > >       M-x gdb <RET>
 > >       Run gdb (like this): gdb --annotate=3 /ssh:host:~/myprog <RET>
 > Hmm, I hadn't heard of tramp. I'll give that a shot. So is tramp an
 > extension to gdb?

No.  It's described in the Tramp manual which I believe was included in the
Emacs 22 distribution.

 > It doesn't use gdb's built in remote debugging does it? I can't use
 > that since it requires exactly the same libraries on host and remote,
 > which is more or less impossible in my situation.

No, it just assumes Emacs on the host machine, Gdb and your executable on the
remote machine, and an ssh connection between the two.  Gdb is running on the
same machine as the executable.


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