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RE: Adding an entry to a user option

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Adding an entry to a user option
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 07:17:16 -0800

> From: Stefan Boeters Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 10:37 AM
> I'm new to Emacs -- and this might be a very basic question. But I've
> invested some time searching in the FAQ, in the Emacs Wiki and in this
> group, but could not find an answer.
> I want to discard a warning, that often pops up and which is not
> relevant in my situation. The warning self says how to proceed, in
> priciple, in this case:
> "You can disable the popping up of this buffer by adding the entry
> (undo discard-info) to the user option `warning-suppress-types'."
> But how can I achieve this? How do I "add an entry to a user option"?
> Can someone suggest a piece of code to be added to the _emacs file?
> I would also appreciate to pointed to some documentation where this is
> described and which has (obviously) escaped me so far.

Grepping the Emacs 23 lisp libraries for `warning-suppress-types' shows that it
is referred to in a doc string in `simple.el', but it is defined and used only
in library `warnings.el', which is not loaded by default. You cannot customize
it using Customize until it has been defined.

I think the fact that it is referenced in `simple.el' but undefined by default
is a bug - please report it using `M-x report-emacs-bug'. But I warn you that
it's likely that Stefan M. will reply that it is normal that most user options
are not defined by default. ;-) I guess it all depends whether the doc string in
`simple.el' is ever likely to be user-visible without `warnings.el' having yet
been loaded.

Anyway, to customize option `warning-suppress-types', it first needs to be
defined. So load library `warnings.el' (`M-x load-library RET warnings'), then
do `M-x customize-option RET warning-suppress-types'. By default, the value is
an empty list. Click the `INS' button to insert a new warning-types entry, which
is itself apparently a list (so use its own `INS' button to insert individual
list elements).

The doc string for `warning-suppress-types' is pretty much incomprehensible to
me, so I can't help you more with understanding that part. If you too find it
unclear, then please mention the doc string when you file the bug.

In sum, an Emacs bug or two prevent you from knowing about this and being able
to do anything about it.

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