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Re: Gnus: moving to the latest article in a thread

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: Gnus: moving to the latest article in a thread
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:53:19 +0100
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Francis Moreau <address@hidden> writes:

> Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Sun, Mar 08 2009, Francis Moreau wrote:
>>> I'm looking for a magic thread command which allows me to go to latest
>>> article in the current thread.
>> Something like `9999 T d'?
> Hmm, yes that would work if inside the thread, sub thread are sorted
> by date, I didn't think about this before.
> But if they're not, the only way to do that is to keep a list of all
> articles in the thread and to sort this list by date (most recent
> first). So that last article is the first article in the list
> etc... the prefix would be just the index in the list.
> thanks for your function.

I am interested in the requirement here. Do you really go to the last
article in a thread? If so, a natural "first step" in reading a thread?
Would you really order a thread so latest article is first? It strikes
me as very unusual behaviour :-; Still, the wonderful Gnus can be
moulded to all tastes.

 important and urgent problems of the technology of today are no longer the 
satisfactions of the primary needs or of archetypal wishes, but the reparation 
of the evils and damages by the technology of yesterday.  ~Dennis Gabor, 
Innovations:  Scientific, Technological and Social, 1970

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