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Re: Help needed to simplify code for customisation

From: Xah Lee
Subject: Re: Help needed to simplify code for customisation
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 23:44:45 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 9, 7:14 pm, Richard Riley <address@hidden> wrote:
> Could someone please recommend the best way to remove the 3 similar lines
> doing string-match on the "account" assign and iterate a variable list to
> which I can "add-to-list" in other .el libraries for example?
> ,----
> |  (if (message-mail-p)
> |       (save-excursion
> |       (let* ((from
> |               (save-restriction
> |                 (message-narrow-to-headers)
> |                 (message-fetch-field "from")))
> |              (account
> |               (cond
> |                ((string-match ".*root.*" from)"richardriley")
> |                ((string-match ".*richardriley.*" from)"richardriley")
> |                ((string-match ".*rileyrgdev.*" from)"rileyrgdev")
> |                ))
> |              )
> |         (setq message-sendmail-extra-arguments (list "-a" account))
> |         )))
> |   )
> `----

perhaps something like the following. The code is tested.

(defun canonicalString (from pairs)
  "Returns the canonical string of FROM, determined by the pairs in

The PAIRS should be a nested vector of the form:
“[[\"a\" \"α\"] [\"b\" \"β\"] [\"γ\" \"g\"] ...]”
where the first element is a regex string to be matched with FROM.
If match, then the second element is returned.

If no match is found, nil is returned.

 (canonicalString \"b\" [[\"a\" \"α\"] [\"b\" \"β\"] [\"γ\" \"g\"]])
returns \"β\".
  (let (totalItems matchFound i result)
    (setq totalItems (length pairs))
    (setq foundMatch nil)
    (setq i 0)
    (while (and (not matchFound)
                (not (= i totalItems)))
      (if (string-match (elt (elt pairs i) 0) from)
            (setq result (elt (elt pairs i) 1))
            (setq matchFound t)))
      (setq i (1+ i)))

; testing
 (canonicalString "b" [["a" "α"] ["b" "β"] ["γ" "g"]])


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