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Re: Sunrise Commander: Version 3 released.

From: rustom
Subject: Re: Sunrise Commander: Version 3 released.
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 01:57:18 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Thanks José for all the points

I continue to try to make my usage of file mgmt better.
Here are some small attempts and questions:

> 5) Master Emacs Dired. After all, Sunrise is nothing more than a fancy front 
> end for all the
> amazing capabilities Dired offers.
So trying to go back to using dired better I discover that right-click
open is a commonly used paradigm.
[Note: Its not the mouse thats important -- the windows application
does the same job better -- its the functionality]
So I found this (somewhere in eshell on wiki?? dont remember)

(defun eshell/op (FILE)
  "Invoke (w32-shell-execute \"Open\" FILE) and substitute slashes for
  (w32-shell-execute "Open" (substitute ?\\ ?/ (expand-file-name

This makes the command `op file' behave like double click in eshell

So then I need to redefine dired-find-file thus:

(defun dired-find-file ()
  (eshell/op (dired-get-file-for-visit))

So some questions:
How do you put such a redefinition on a hook? (Needs to be defuned
after dired is require-d)
It needs to be more sophisticated: eg this way hitting return on a
directory opens windows explorer but it should probably open another
dired.  More generally all the emacs-ish should stay in emacs with the
w32-shell-execute only used as a catch-all for files that emacs cant/
shouldnt handle.

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