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Re: Nice Emacs Lisp

From: tyler
Subject: Re: Nice Emacs Lisp
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:45:07 -0300
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S├ębastien Vauban <address@hidden>

> I'd like to mix Linux and Windows settings in my .emacs file, so that
> I can use GNU Emacs on both platforms with the same init file.
> Currently, I've defined:
> (defmacro GNULinux (&rest body)
>   (list 'if (string-match "linux" (prin1-to-string system-type)) (cons 'progn 
> body)))
> (defmacro Windows (&rest body)
>   (list 'if (string-match "windows" (prin1-to-string system-type)) (cons 
> 'progn body)))
> and I write (for example):
>     (setq bcc-cache-directory
>           (concat
>            (Windows "~/.emacs.d/byte-cache-ms-windows")
>            (GNULinux "~/.emacs.d/byte-cache-linux")))
> But do you know some better way to write the above (the concat function is not
> that clear there...)

I'm not very familiar with macros, but maybe using a single macro
instead of two makes things clearer:

(defmacro gnu-win (gnu win)
  `(if (string-match "gnu/linux" (prin1-to-string system-type))

(setq bcc-cache-directory



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