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sr-speedbar: buffer mode

From: Stefan Boeters
Subject: sr-speedbar: buffer mode
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:00:46 -0700 (PDT)
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Until recently, I used the (normal) speedbar in its buffer mode to
quickly switch between buffers. Klick on the buffer you want, press
RET, and the buffer appears in the active frame of Emacs. I found this
most convenient if you work with a lot of buffers and often want to
switch between them.

A few days ago, I replaced the normal speedbar by sr-speedbar, which I
prefer in priciple (no separate frame, easier to change position).
However, it seems that I cannot use it the way I was used to. If, in
the buffer mode, I klick on a particular buffer and press RET, then
the buffer does not open, but generates the error message "Cannot
switch buffers in a dedicated window." Apparently, Emacs tries to
switch the buffer in the speedbar window itself (which, as far as I
can see, is the only "dedicated" one). I would have expected the
buffer to be opened in (one of) the normal Emacs frame(s).

Is this a bug or a feature that I do not understand? -- Any
suggestions for a fix?


Den Haag, Netherlands

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