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Homebrew input method

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Homebrew input method
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 11:38:27 -0600
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I once (in ver 21.3) made a copy of leim/quail/hebrew.el and then modified it make a new input method "heblish" (more descriptively it would be hebrew-trans). Then I added this to leim-list.el:

 "heblish" "Hebrew" 'quail-use-package
"א" "Homebrew input method."

then in heblish.el

 "heblish" "Hebrew" "א" t "Homebrew input method.
Based on hebrew.el but transliterated (mostly)rather than conforming to Israeli keyboard. Hebrew letters are assigned to lowercases, some stand-alone diacritics to upper case."
 nil t nil nil nil nil nil nil nil nil t)

there followed a bunch of key-character pairs (utf-8)like:

 ("+" ?﬩) ;; alt plus
 ("q" ?ק)
 ("q." ?קּ)
 ("Q" ?ֻ) ;; qubuts
 ("w" ?ש)
 ("w." ?שּ)
 ("e" ?ֶ) ;; segol
 ("E" ?ֱ) ;; hataf segol
 ("r" ?ר)
 ("r." ?רּ)
 ("t" ?ט)
 ("t." ?טּ)
 ("y" ?ע)
 ("u" ?ת)
 ("u." ?תּ)
 ("i" ?י)
 ("i." ?יּ)
 ("o" ?ַ) ;; patah
 ("O" ?ֲ) ;; hataf patah
and many more

This actually worked after a fashion but of course in left to right order. I think I copy-pasted characters from hebrew.el so that they would be saved correctly in iso-2022-7bit coding but I don't remember the details now. It was more an exercise than a practical necessity.

Why are the quail/nnnnn.el files all in that 7bit encoding, even in Emacs ver. 23? If I can get leim-list.el and heblish.el looking right in an emacs buffer, how do I save them to ensure that the coding is correct? Sometimes an encoding error (I think in leim-list.el) causes not only Emacs but the entire OS to freeze (mswin2000). Is the correct way of registering an additional input method to put it in leim-ext.el?


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