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Emacs23.App and odd focus issues

From: Alex Bennee
Subject: Emacs23.App and odd focus issues
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 08:57:20 +1100


I'm stuck with a Mac for the next few weeks so have had to find an
emacs for it. I went for Fink's Emacs23.App build which has installed
fine. However running it from /sw/bin/emacs23 doesn't work very well.
The window comes up but the application never comes into to focus
resulting in all key presses generating the no app saw this boink

I was mainly setting this up for It's All Text and Firefox. Browsing
to /sw/Applications/ doesn't work but manually enerting in
the full path:


Does finally make it work.

Can anyone explain this weird behavior? Should just never
be installed in a classic bin directory?

Alex, homepage:

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