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Re: Emacsw32 on Linux

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: Emacsw32 on Linux
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 17:55:00 -0600
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Rasmus Pank Roulund wrote:
I am trying to move from Windows to Linux. However, I have gotten used
to all the nice features of EmacsW32. It is more than CUA-mode; It is
also Win-button as meta and the setup of tab switching etc. Is it
possible to somehow add the features of Emacsw32 to a Linux-Emacs
/easily/? BTW: I use the latest CVS Emacs on Linux.

BTW: A read an old post (2006) by David Kastrup who proposed a
"themeing" feature for Emacs. I.e. that you could make Linux-Emacs
behave like Mac-Emacs (maybe Aquamacs) or Win-Emacs or vice versa. I do
not think anything like that is possible at the moment, but I think it
is a really nice idea!


Here is the Xmodmap I got to work on fedora core 8. It may go somewhere else in other distros. This assumes that you want the bottom row to be win alt ctl space ctl alt win menu and with assignments super meta ctl space ctl meta super hyper. If I remember right the left hyper is assigned to Caps Lock. This same key layout can be accomplished in MS os versions 2000 or higher with the KeyTweak program that remaps keyboard scan codes in the registry. If you have one of the older keyboard with swappable keycaps you can make them match the new layout if you don't touch type.

! /etc/X11/Xmodmap
! global Xmodmap file -- used by both xdm and xinit (startx)

! keycode and keysym remapping should generally be used only if the X
! server config file has been configured to disable the XKEYBOARD
! extension

  clear Shift
    clear Lock
    clear Control
    clear Mod1
    clear Mod2
    clear Mod3
    clear Mod4
    clear Mod5

    add    Shift   = Shift_L    Shift_R
    add    Control = Control_L    Control_R
    add    Mod1    = Mode_switch
    add    Mod2    = Meta_L        Meta_R
    add    Mod4    = Hyper_L    Hyper_R
    add    Mod5    = Super_L    Super_R

keycode 66 = Hyper_L
keycode 37 = Super_L
keycode 115 = Meta_L
keycode 64 = Control_L
keycode 113 = Control_R
keycode 116 = Meta_R
keycode 117 = Super_R
keycode 109 = Hyper_R

pointer = 3 2 1

Btw, the only part of CUA you really need is

 '(pc-selection-mode t nil (pc-select))

 '(delete-selection-mode t nil (delsel))


 '(transient-mark-mode t)

under (custom-set-variables

in .emacs Then you don't have to mess with the Emacs way. Copy is M-w, cut is C-w, and paste is C-y

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