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Re: elisp's cl package. Don't understand the notice about eval-when-comp

From: Leo
Subject: Re: elisp's cl package. Don't understand the notice about eval-when-compile
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 12:37:51 +0000
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On 2009-03-26 09:32 +0000, Juanma Barranquero wrote:
>> So many packages come up with their own ugly versions of functions that
>> are already in cl.el. I think this policy is utterly insane these days.
> I wouldn't call it "utterly insane", but I certainly am on the
> "please, just preload cl as XEmacs has been doing for years" group.


> That is not going to happen, though. Apparently, the only way to go
> forward with such functions is either:
>  - turn them into cl macros, or
>  - move them (or, as in push, pop, etc, dumbed-down versions of them)
> out of cl, if they are deemed useful enough
> Unfortunately, many of the sequence-handling operations that would be
> really useful to have (reduce, find, count, member, etc. and their
> variants) depend on keywords, so neither of the above fixes is going
> to fly; at least, easily.

Emacs is resistant to innovations. This is going to kill it at some
point. But maybe it is good as it shows emacs is subject to 'survival of
the fittest' after all.

Having used GNU/Linux for 7 years and windows for 9 months, I am getting
my first macbook. I think paying a price for a good service, a peace of
mind and most importantly, saving hours and hours of time is far more
important in life than having the feeling of 'I'm using 100% free/open
source software', and the mac world is full of innovations. In this
regard, it seems the free software movement is out of touch.

I learnt from #emacs on freenode the saying "Free software is free if
your time is useless", which wakes me up to the guilt of wasting time.

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