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Sending keystrokes to the OS

From: Evans Winner
Subject: Sending keystrokes to the OS
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:58:13 -0600
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I don't suppose there's a way to send arbitrary keystrokes
to the OS from Emacs? -- like, as a way to use Emacs as a
kind of keyboard macro server for the window manager?  If
not, I don't suppose anyone knows how to do something like
that with Clisp or sbcl?  The point being that I would like
to find a way to write little macros I can activate from any
application using some kind of prefix key combination,
maybe, (and in some kind of lispy way, preferably).  I think
with stumpwm I could do it, but alas, I am not using an OS
(in this context) that is compatible with stumpwm.  Any
pointers would be useful.  Thanks.

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