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eshell and quick cd

From: henry atting
Subject: eshell and quick cd
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 06:37:47 +0100
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I recently encountered `wcd' [1], which provides a way to quickly change
directories. For example if I am in ~/a/b and want to cd to ~/c/def a
`wcd def' would suffice if def is a unique directory name.
Since only `cd' is allowed to change directories you have to write a
function in your ~/.zshrc (in my case) like that:

function wcd
  $HOME/bin/wcd.exe $*
. $HOME/bin/wcd.go

Is there already a builtin function of eshell which does the same? Or,
if not, how can I tell eshell to use wcd?




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