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Problem with <dead-acute>

From: Adolfo De Unanue
Subject: Problem with <dead-acute>
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 02:09:09 -0500

Hi everyone!

I was working ok writing my thesis dissertation in GNU/Emacs from CVS.
For some (stupid)  reason (I was boring, and I want try something new)
I switched from Debian Lenny to Ubuntu Jaunty Jalopy. I downloaded
again the GNU/Emacs, compiled and... when I try to start writing
"radiación" in the acute (i.e. ó ) I got "<dead-acute is undefined>"
error ... 

I googled for an answer, some advice erasing .xinput_d directory
(doesn't work), others, commenting all the lines with "utf-8" in
the .emacs file (doesn't work either) and some blamed SCIM (i
uninstalled and/or stopped the deamon, and doesn't work)... finally
someone advice put (require 'iso-transl) in the .emacs and that worked!

But I have doubts about this... Whats happening? Someone else has this
problem? Is this a problem of Ubuntu? 

Thank's in advance


PS. Soon I will return to Debian...:)

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