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Re: Why can't I use xargs emacs?

From: Jorgen Grahn
Subject: Re: Why can't I use xargs emacs?
Date: 6 Feb 2010 07:45:08 GMT
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On Wed, 2010-02-03, Adam Funk wrote:
> On 2010-02-03, Thierry Volpiatto wrote:
>> Why not a simple:
>> emacs -nw -Q $(find . -name '*.txt')
> That works, thanks.  I'd forgotten about the $(...) construction.

In the most popular shells, yes. You'd have to use backticks in tcsh.

>> Why do you want to use xargs?
> Because that's what I always do (except for this, now) when I want to
> find or grep -l some files and fire a command at them all.

"Fire command at many files" isn't exactly what xargs does.

It's really for filtering. 'xargs foo' may choose to execute foo many
times (an infinite number of times if its own input is infinite) since
all that matters is "I want on stdout the results of applying foo to
all those files, in sequence".


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