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Re: Startup files data in different locations?

From: Gary .
Subject: Re: Startup files data in different locations?
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 15:57:58 +0200

On 4/1/10, J. David Boyd wrote:
>  Ross A. Laird writes:
>> On each system, .emacs has one line:
>> (load-file "/home/ross/Dropbox/emacs_startup.el")
>> (load-file "/home/ross/Dropbox/gnus_startup.el")
>> Is this workable?

> The first question that comes to mind is "Did it work?"
> If it works, then it is certainly workable...


I can't speak for dropbox, but I have in the past had startup and .org
files on that I wanted to share between work and home, and
it was okay. Slower than local files of course, but okay.

Actually what I did was use symlinks to the remote files, so the
.emacs.el looked like it normally would.

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