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Re: Question about emacs server.

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: Question about emacs server.
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 19:24:47 -0700
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On Thursday 01 April 2010 11:10 AM, Sergio A. Morales wrote:
Hi all.

Im a new user of emacs and i wondered if  emacs-server and emacsclient
can work like the CTU terminals in 24 (tv serie). Actually i can connect
to a emacsserver from emacsclient but i can't view or modify the buffer
(read only), so maybe there are something i'm doing wrong or that is the
normal behavior for emacsclient and a remote file.

I was expecting this behavior: Someone on my network send me to my emacs
his buffer (a file, a game, a shell, etc). Then i work on it and return
it to him. So i constantly send and recibe buffers meanwhile the changes
are write in the respective origen files.

Can this be posible with emacs? How? I need other software?

I think you may have confused the use for emacs server and client.

Emacs server runs an emacs session in the background. Now you can connect to this server with emacsclient and edit the files you want to. The useful part is you can run multiple emacsclients to edit the *same* buffer. If you choose to, the server will retain all the buffers even if you logout from your desktop. (but of course it doesn't survive a reboot :-p)

Maybe an example will illustrate this better. Often I start an emacs server at work, do some editing. At the end of the day I logout and leave, but my emacs server keeps running in the background with all my buffers. Now if I want to work from home, I can just connect to my workstation at work and use emacsclient to connect to the server, and I can continue where I left off.

It is even possible to ask the emacsclient on your local machine to connect to a remote emacs server over tramp if the remote server has been started with the proper options. ;)

Thank you for your time and sorry for the poor english.

Not a problem at all as long as everyone understands you. :)

PS: 24 is just a TV show, they say and do lots of unrealisable stuff ;)


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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