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Re: opening buffers in particular windows?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: opening buffers in particular windows?
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 09:05:24 +0200
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> >> M-x man is actually kind of annoying because I usually want it to open
> >> in the window that I run the command in.

If you want that behavior, it might help to add man buffers to either
`same-window-buffer-names' or `same-window-regexps'

> I think that now that monitors have gotten so big, it's common to have
> 3 or 4 windows open, whereas in the past most emacs users probably had
> 2 max. For this reason most of the "open in other window" type
> commands now behave very unpredictably with 3 or more windows.

Those commands based on `display-buffer' should behave predictably.  If
they don't please report that as a bug.

> I'm currently learning elisp so I can fix things like this for myself.
> Guidance on how C-x o, dired's o, C-x b, and M-x man decide which of n
> windows is the "other window" would be helpful. Hopefully they all
> just call some "other window" function that I can hook to customize
> its behavior.

If the same-window-... based behavior fails, `display-buffer' based
functions try to "reuse", in this order

(1) the "least recently used" window,

(2) some visible window on another frame showing the buffer already,

(3) the largest visible window,

(4) some window showing the buffer already,

(5) the largest window.


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