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Re: Sending mail via SMTP hangs.

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: Re: Sending mail via SMTP hangs.
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 14:30:29 +0000 (UTC)
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Torsten Mueller <dev-null <at>> writes:
> Aidan Gauland <aidalgol <at>> schrieb:
> >> ... Are you sure your SMTP server does support
> >> TLS? Turn this off at least for the moment to reduce complexity.

> > I know it supports SSL, as I am using it with Thunderbird over SSL.

> > > What happens in the message buffer until you press C-g?
> > Opening STARTTLS connection to
> > `'...done [several minutes pass]
> > smtpmail-send-command: Process SMTP not running

FWIW, I'm having the exact same problem.

I also have an SMTP server that I am successfully connecting to using STARTTLS
from Thunderbird.  I also find that when I try to connect to it using
smtpmail-send-it, the connection just hangs.  It gets to printing the line about
opening the starttls connection, then nothing further gets echoed into the trace
buffer for the SMTP session.  It then goes away until I hit ^G.

This thread seems to have just petered out with no solution.  Does anyone have a
suggestion for solving this problem?  Since the server is not mine to
manipulate, I cannot turn off the authentication --- port 25 connections are not


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