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Re: Sending mail via SMTP hangs.

From: Gary .
Subject: Re: Sending mail via SMTP hangs.
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:17:34 +0200

On 4/13/10, Robert Goldman wrote:
> Torsten Mueller writes:
>> Aidan Gauland schrieb:
>> > I know it supports SSL, as I am using it with Thunderbird over SSL.
>> > > What happens in the message buffer until you press C-g?
>> > Opening STARTTLS connection to
>> > `'...done [several minutes pass]
>> > smtpmail-send-command: Process SMTP not running
> FWIW, I'm having the exact same problem.
> I also have an SMTP server that I am successfully connecting to using
> from Thunderbird.  I also find that when I try to connect to it using
> smtpmail-send-it, the connection just hangs.  It gets to printing the line
> about
> opening the starttls connection, then nothing further gets echoed into the
> trace
> buffer for the SMTP session.  It then goes away until I hit ^G.

I guess you are using the Emacs SMTP Library? Which of the two
external TLS tools are you using? Have you tried the other? What do
you see if you set smtpmail-debug-verb to t?

Alternatively, do you have the opportunity to install and use
something like msmtp locally, and using that to actually send the mail
to the outside world?

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