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Re: Controlling font styles in latex-mode

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Re: Controlling font styles in latex-mode
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 09:28:45 -0400
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From: Ramesh Sridharan <>

I was wondering how to tell emacs not to allow style changes that
change font face. In particular, latex-mode causes a number of changes
I don't like:

- Text inside of a \section{} or \subsection{} block is bigger and
- Superscripts and subscripts are shown in superscript or subscript,
making them smaller.
I'm using emacs 22.2.1 on Debian (lenny).

You should be able to make most of the changes with M-x
customize-face.  For example, to change the appearance of text within
  - put point in the \section{...} name (i.e. between the braces)
  - M-x customize-face

Then change the face to suit your taste.

IIRC emacs-22 gives you the ability to change the face of superscript
and subscript characters, but the raise/lower amounts are hardwired
into tex-mode.el.  For example, I have a copy of emacs-22.3 where
(defun tex-font-lock-suscript) in tex-mode.el ends with the following

    (if (eq (char-after pos) ?_)
        '(face subscript display (raise -0.3))
      '(face superscript display (raise +0.3))))

The only way I was able to prevent the raising (lowering) of
superscript (subscript) characters in emacs 22, was by changing the
`raise' amounts to 0.0, and then byte-recompiling tex-mode.el.  The
process was something like this

 - mv tex-mode.el.gz tex-mode.el.gz.ORIG

 - mv tex-mode.elc tex-mode.elc.ORIG

 - gunzip -c < tex-mode.el.gz.ORIG > tex-mode.el

 - edit tex-mode.el.  Change the raise amounts from -0.3 (or +0.3) to

 - byte compile the modified tex-mode.el.  dired's `B' command does
   this (but there are other ways)

Emacs-23 adds a new variable, tex-font-script-display, which controls
the raise/lower amounts, and eliminates the need to modify


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