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Re: Organizing files in projects

From: Joel J. Adamson
Subject: Re: Organizing files in projects
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 09:55:09 -0400

>>>>> "Valentin" == Valentin Jacquemin <> writes:

    > My question is: is there an "almighty" solution?

Yes: the file system.  I organize my projects using the filesystem and
version control (Subversion).  If you are using a Unix variant
(GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X) then this is easy.

If not, then I'd suggest using Subversion anyway, and using its
functionality to organize your projects[1].

My opinion (and it has done well for me) is that an editor is not for
organizing your projects.  I've tried it and it was an uphill battle.
It doesn't make sense.  It's not the editor's business.  It's the
business of the filesystem; that's why filesystems were created in the
first place.

You can navigate the filesystem easily in Emacs using Dired, and you can
also integrate Subversion into the GNOME Desktop (or Windows) using
Rabbitvcs[2] (or TortoiseSVN[3]).  Emacs also has VCS modes for
Subversion, CVS, git, Mercurial, etc.

In other words, yes there is one almighty solution, but there are tons
of ways you can make it work for you.


[1]  Or switching to GNU/Linux, of course.



Joel J. Adamson
Servedio Lab
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

FSF Member #8164

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