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Strange font / frame size problem makes emacs unusable.

From: Gaute Amundsen
Subject: Strange font / frame size problem makes emacs unusable.
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 22:53:48 +0200

Not entirely sure if this an Emacs bug, an Ubuntu bug, normal expected
behavior, or what, but hopefully somebody here will be able to point me
in the right direction.
An hour of googling did me no good. One of those things it's hard to
pinpoint the right terms for..

Basically I moved a partition containing Ubuntu Karmic to another
laptop, and booted right up.

The only hard problem I have encountered so far is with Emacs.

"GNU Emacs 23.1.1 (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.18.3) of 2010-03-26
on palmer, modified by Debian"

I get "GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times", but I
suspect that's unrelated.

Easiest way to explain is some screenshots:

Just after startup, maximized.


Default font saved as anything other than what it was.

Starting without .emacs makes no difference.

I have a gut-feeling this must somehow be related to X, but I really
have no clue.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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