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Re: Strange font / frame size problem makes emacs unusable.

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Strange font / frame size problem makes emacs unusable.
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 17:46:05 +0200

Am 26.04.2010 um 11:58 schrieb Gaute Amundsen:

xlsfonts | grep misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--

*Don't* use the '--' when grep'ing for a font name! And it's so much
easier to

        xlsfonts -fn '-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*'

Don't seem to make much of a difference to he results.
Seems grep is smart enough to know it's part of the string..

The final "--" does not hurt grep, xlsfonts does not necessarily output that abbreviation.

Since Ubuntu is Debian based
there are certainly some system init files. They're either missing
(because you did not install the packages) or they're for a different
version of GNU Emacs? Find and check them!

None that I can spot.
Can you suggest a string to grep /etc/ for?

No, I am not using a Debian based Linux. Other suggestions: locate .el
| egrep '^/etc',

Only hits are /etc/emacs/site-start* and

piping into "xargs -n 1 grep -i font" gives no hits.

Of course! An ELC file is a compiled Emacs Lisp/ELisp or EL file. Get the uncompiled version! In a GPL'ed OS it has to exist. Could be /etc/ emacs23/site-start.d has the EL files as well... (GNU Emacs prefers to load the byte-compiled variants: they're faster to load.)

launch GNU Emacs as

        emacs [...] -eval '(defadvice load (before debug-log activate)
(message "(Tipp von Kai G) Lade jetzt: %s" (ad-get-arg 0)))'

Should the message show up in *Messages* ? Nothing there.

Yes. You should see a few lines..., but, yes, some Emacsen (I tried "Carbon Emacs" in Mac OS X) hide loading these "init" files.

Tried emacs --debug-init as well with no obvious sign of anything

Starts "debugging" (with a 'Backtrace* buffer) *after* an error has happened.



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