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Insert text for view in buffer

From: Felipe Magno de Almeida
Subject: Insert text for view in buffer
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:42:17 -0300
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I have a org-mode file with this format:

* McDonalds
  - Expenses:Fast Food BRL 15.00
  - Assets:Bank BRL -15.00
* Shoe shop
  - Expenses:Clothing BRL 20.00
  - Assets:Bank

I wanted to have when the headlines were closed:

* McDonalds
* Shoe shop

I could show something on the right of the headline, for example:

* McDonalds    BRL 15.00
* Shoe shop    BRL 20.00

But I don't know how to insert text in the buffer that wouldn't be saved
to the file. I wanted it as a view on the buffer. But not exactly as
changes to the buffer itself.
Is there a way to do this?
I hope I was clear.

Thanks in advance,
Felipe Magno de Almeida

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