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Re: Windows Emacs and "VirtualStore"

From: Lewis Perin
Subject: Re: Windows Emacs and "VirtualStore"
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 17:24:41 -0400
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Andreas Politz <> writes:

> Lewis Perin <> writes:
>> [...] is that the problem of the silent redirection of writes would go away
>> if Windows Emacs had an appropriate "manifest file" with a Requested
>> Execution Level of "asInvoker".
> This made me laugh.

I'm glad someone is pleased.

> I think there are more people on the dev-list, who are able to comment
> on this.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I did post there Saturday morning.  While I
haven't had a response yet, I've solved part of the problem myself, as I
reported to the dev-list just now.  The gist is, Windows Emacs already
has a manifest in the executable as a resource; this manifest resource
can be pretty easily augmented to tell Windows to avoid VirtualStore.

Lew Perin /

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