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RE: Yanking in isearch mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Yanking in isearch mode
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 07:59:57 -0700

> The yank with M-y is all lower case and then the i-search 
> becomes case insensitive. Is their any way it can preserve the case?

Sounds like a bug. But see below.

What should happen is that search always respects `case-fold-search'.
And that include `M-y' yanking.

Suppose you copy some text "ABC" to the kill ring.  If `case-fold-search' is
non-nil when you use `M-y' then it yanks "abc" and search is case-insensitive.
But if `case-fold-search' is nil when you use `M-y' then it yanks "ABC" and
search is case-sensitive.

You can toggle case-sensitivity during isearch with `M-c'. However, that doesn't
change the search string.  So if search is case-insensitive and the search
string is "abc" then it stays "abc" after `M-c' and it searches for only
lower-case "abc".

You can always use `M-e' to edit the search string - e.g. `M-u' to make words
there uppercase.

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